Senior Backend Engineer


Los Angeles, USA






$130K – $160K • Offers Equity


We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer. In this role, you will help us build backend services and APIs, architect cloud infrastructure, and architect Rollup at a system level

Rollup is a collaborative, complex engineering environment. Our mission at Rollup is to accelerate the development of complex hardware and systems necessary for a thriving future.

Engineers who join us now will have a high degree of influence over our technical direction and development.

The Role:

In this role, you will be asked to:

  • Architect cloud infrastructure

  • Build backend services and APIs

  • Incorporate

  • Help architect Rollup at a system level

  • Build new capabilities into Rollup → Integrations with existing products and infrastructure, add green-field capabilities

  • Develop scalable and extendible data infrastructure

  • Develop robust and comprehensive APIs for Rollup for both customers and integration partners

  • Diagnose and fix bugs

  • Write thorough documentation

  • Mentor and train interns, new hires, and supporting contractors

  • Aid in assessing and recruiting new engineers

Technical Skills:

You must have extensive experience with:

  • Typescript

  • NodeJS and web frameworks such as express, fastify or NestJS

  • postgres (or other relational database) via an ORM

  • designing and implementing REST APIs

  • working with AWS

  • using testing frameworks such as Jest

  • Basic react and front end frameworks

  • Nginx

Other Skills:

  • Excellent communication and responsiveness

  • Ability to quickly learn domain knowledge and tech stacks

  • Ability to mentor and delegate to junior developers

Nice to have:

  • WebAssembly


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