Staff Product Engineer


Los Angeles, USA






Staff North American

$120K – $180K • Offers Equity


Our mission at Rollup is to accelerate the development of complex hardware and systems necessary for a thriving future. We’re building a collaborative, complex engineering environment focused on delivering stellar user experience and powerful workflows that help engineers work faster.

We work with some of the most ambitious companies in the world of complex engineering — from launch vehicles and spacecraft to robotics and autonomous vehicles.

Rollup is a product-driven company at heart. Our intentionally small team is made up of passionate product engineers from across North America and Europe who share a common love of crafting complex, feature-rich, serious software.

We value engineers who focus on the user experience and excel in both frontend and backend engineering. While we don't expect proficiency in every technology we use, we require strong foundations in working with React, TypeScript, and modern full-stack web development.

Currently, we can only consider applicants located in North America for this position.

Please note: Rollup is an equal opportunity employer and fully supports remote work.

What you’ll work on

  • Build performant, user-facing features

  • Develop robust and comprehensive APIs for Rollup for both customers and integration partners

  • Write well-written documentation

  • Diagnose and fix bugs

  • Aid in assessing and recruiting new engineers

  • Mentor and train interns, new hires, and supporting contractors

Our Stack

You should have working proficiency in most of these:

  • Typescript, Javascript, React, MobX

  • NodeJS


  • REST-ful APIs

  • Github Actions / CI + CD Experience

  • Docker

  • CI/CD pipelines

  • Postgres

Compensation, Perks, Etc.

Developer-friendly MacOS dev environment w/ the latest hardware

Ergonomic workstation budget

Compelling equity compensation

Twice-yearly, all-expense-paid off-site retreats + additional company offsites


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